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Our ‘Fortress protectors’ are constantly provided with practical training systems and modern anticrime strategies to provide the best service in private security, military training, law enforcement and preventive maintenance.

Fortress Security Services Limited start operations against the rise of criminal incidences in Trinidad and Tobago.

Certification in CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP issued by the International Foundation for Protection Officers.

Certification in STOW, Certificate of Conformance.


Fortress Security Services Limited is an innovative, professional medium sized security firm with demonstrated experience. We provide high caliber security personnel who have been extensively trained using practical techniques based on modern anticrime strategies.

Fortress Security Services Limited has developed the best infrastructure on responding proactively to all the protection requirements for our customers with over 40 years of experience.

We make a difference in security through the highest technology, best security experts and responding on time to keep your safety and the well-being of your family and business.

Our Approach to Security

The conventional approach to security and merely understanding the markets is no longer sufficient. With criminal activity and the threat it poses, to business becoming increasingly sophisticated, we realize that the only way to manage and minimize risk, is by being proactive in anticipating future losses and designing systems to counter these losses.

In 2006, Personnel Protection Services Limited, now Fortress Security Services Limited, was founded.

Fortress Security Services Limited is an innovative, professional medium sized security firm with demonstrated experience in protective security services. Our operational and business philosophy is quite simple: Develop and provide the best security service program for our clients. With over forty years of experience, training business experts and security experts got together and formed this impeccable army in the fight against crime to offer unique security services to the public.

Our motto is to provide:

“Protection Beyond Your Expectation”

We provide our Security Officers with practical training techniques and modern anticrime strategies which is spearheaded by highly competent individuals with experience in private security, military training, law enforcement and safety.

We are committed to:

  • The prevention of losses
  • The protection of life, property and information
  • Being recognized as an astute member of the Army in the fight against crime.

One of the foundations upon which we have built our business is our commitment to service excellence and our customers’ needs are our highest priority. Members of our Management team are on call 24/7 to help our clients achieve their security objectives and address any issue that may arise.


It is our vision to be the premier Security Services Provider in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean by providing Security Services and Technological Solutions and Services which cogitates the corporate vision and image of our clients, motivate client satisfaction and loyalty and to provide economic value.

We shall achieve excellence through highly inspired Security Professionals which shall be mirrored by our clients and our Security Officers and the entire community.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with a network of innovative security solutions and technology to ensure a safe and secure environment capable of attending to the ongoing protection needs which would enable safety and security and further realize more effective integrated security systems

With a strong focus on quality outcomes, we guarantee to provide a constant superior service to our clients, responding to their needs and providing solutions is only a small part of what we achieve.

Key roles in security


Personal Protection

Personal Protection Officers are highly trained and undergo a rigorous selection process.


Surveillance Services

Security surveillance services can help safeguard some of the most important assets.


Valet Services

Our valet parking services are a natural extension of our core business


Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol service will offer the piece of mind need.